Sunday, October 23, 2011

First real post! Knit crazy!

I've been on a jersey/knit fabric kick lately for the simple reason that it doesn't fray!
Whenever I decide to work with a knit, I start out thinking "oh, this will be a quick project!" Four hours later, I'm still not done. Like most projects, they have been pretty easy at the beginning, but then time consuming in the details.
So, all of my jersey projects are sitting around being 70-90% finished.

I kind of used this blouse pattern, though I made a triangular yoke for added interest, made a button-loop closure in the back and lengthened the sleeves to come down to my wrists. This was a really easy pattern to make, though I'm debating on how to finish the bottom!

You can't see too well in the photo, but the pattern calls for some darts on the bottom to make it a little more fitted. I'm currently 90% done with a dress based on this pattern, so I know that even though it should be a teensy bit bigger than my size (pattern is meant for a 25" waist), this made from it fit more like a size M than an XS. I was not okay with that for the dress and the time-consuming resizing annoyed me so much that I've put off finishing it up for two months now. But I wanted a somewhat over-sized knit shirt -I like the way they flow- so I didn't do any size adjustments. I'm debating on how to finish the bottom -should I put in the darts that the pattern calls for and do a fold-over hem? Should I make a band on the bottom?

Homework is calling, so I'll be mulling it over in the meantime.

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