Monday, July 20, 2009

let's crochet

Quite some time ago I found and posted about this little booklet over on lj because it had some interesting projects and the cover was so amusing. I found it at a yard sale last summer and I still haven't made the afghan I love. Today I stumbled across the site Rusty turns out they carry this silly little thing -and that it is worth ten dollars! Well, I'm not parting with my copy, but I've included a link in case anyone would like to acquire their own. I wish that craft magazines today had the easy humor of the 1960's ones.

Not to mention that the colour schemes back then were so much more adventurous. I like the individuality of 60's-80's styles. (People-watching must have actually been a viable hobby!)
It is great that people actually kept these small things because I love looking at them.

peering out from the stacks

When it comes to collecting the past, few objects are more interesting to me than books. Of course, I adore that wonderful old musty smell, but there is a lot more to love. Everyone knows that old saying about judging by appearances, but the covers of so many old books are just gorgeous. Or intriguing. Or odd. I have a fair number of vintage and antique books myself, but I have a much larger collection of photos I took of books at my college. I feel very lucky to be around so many windows into the past practically all the time, but I doubt that very many other people there really look at them all that often. For example, I was the first person to read a three-volume history of the French Revolution (I had to cut the pages!) even though it was from the 1840's. Even if I don't have much to say about the book itself, an image is definitely worth sharing.

a little chivalry

There is a quite a bit of material in this piece I found folded up in a bin at an estate sale last week. While the Middle Ages were never all that interesting to me, I thought this little print was just adorable, so I had to add it to my collection of things from the past. Unfortunately there is no identification along the edges, so I don't know very much about it.
A few months ago, I had the chance to look through that book 'Wearing Propaganda,' which makes me wonder if this print was created with a message in mind. Originally I was thinking 1950's, since I don't often find things older than that, but the small size of the pattern makes me thing 30's now. Any thoughts?
I wonder...what did the original purchaser plan to do with it all those years ago? There are two sort-of curved cuts in one end that look to me rather like an arm hole had been cut out. Perhaps a dress was made?

Saturday, July 18, 2009

welcome to chrono_illogical

I've created this blog to write about my passion for things past. I'm not creating this blog to "compete" with those of others, because for me, the past comes in many forms, usually found objects, like books or sewing patterns. Everyone finds different pieces of the past, depending on where they look. I'm not going to write about simply one time period, because I can't choose what I find, nor between all the periods in time that interest me. Whatever I find, I will share, and it is my hope that people who stumble upon my blog will enjoy looking through my collection of the past as I do with blogs I chance upon and that perhaps they will share their finds with me.