Monday, July 20, 2009

let's crochet

Quite some time ago I found and posted about this little booklet over on lj because it had some interesting projects and the cover was so amusing. I found it at a yard sale last summer and I still haven't made the afghan I love. Today I stumbled across the site Rusty turns out they carry this silly little thing -and that it is worth ten dollars! Well, I'm not parting with my copy, but I've included a link in case anyone would like to acquire their own. I wish that craft magazines today had the easy humor of the 1960's ones.

Not to mention that the colour schemes back then were so much more adventurous. I like the individuality of 60's-80's styles. (People-watching must have actually been a viable hobby!)
It is great that people actually kept these small things because I love looking at them.

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